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That is why you will hear some self censors
Impa is a fairly close New Horizons Items second though, I gotta say. Zelda is drastically underrepresented, which may be partly because of scarcity of recurring characters that aren't among those three, but between Skull Kid, Impa, and Midna, there's definitely room for one more new character in the series.

I doubt it is true, but I would be legit angry if this turned out to be the rationale. Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy swap out of their whole cast of characters every game (with just the occasional direct sequel), yet they are still permitted multiple repetitions in precisely the exact same game. Zelda has sooooo many one-game-only personalities which will still fit great into Smash, only examine the roster of both Hyrule Warriors matches.

The"hard r" isn't even near the worst shit people used to say. Honestly the fact folks find that word offensive now is amusing for me because of how completely tame it seems to me relative to the old things.

4chan, Xbox live chat, gamefaqs, smashboards.

Plus it was everyone, not just Esam or even Hbox or Mango, everyone in pretty much every gaming area spoke like the kids from South Park and more worse, all your now favorite players above 20 did this.

That is why you will hear some self censorship from everyone on twitch cause there are things we used to state that Twitch will flat prohibit you for and when you are raging all of your angsty adolescent anger is precisely what springs to mind when you want to allow lose a string of insults. Being an adult is just with the self control to not state that and say something less buy Animal Crossing Items offensive or nothing in any way.

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